Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fools Rush In

So I've got a new boyfriend. That was fast. Good thing, too, because my ex is now dating someone he was TOTALLY spending an inappropriate amount of time with before we even broke up, but whatev, we're trying to be friends.

So the new boyfriend....not one of my more logical moves, because he actually lives about 400 miles away. Sounds stupid, I know. But actually, he's my best friend's older brother, and I've totally had a crush on him since I was like twelve years old, so in a way this is the realization of some pre-pubescent fantasy. But actually it's more than that. We went out a couple times while we were both home for Christmas (perhaps out is an overstatement since everything in our hurricane-ravaged hometown still closes at dusk. More like we sat in his parents' living room like two teenagers) and by the time we returned to our respective real lives we had really hit it off, and ended up making arrangements to see each other again the next weekend, and it sort of took off from there. The thing is that I am closer to his sister than I am to anyone else. She knows me so well, it's scary. And she has always said that I reminded her of him. And there are so many things that I LOVE about her that I see in him. So I'm excited about the possibilities here, because so far he's pretty much perfect. It just sucks that he lives so far away. Even just to see each other every weekend would be a huge effort.

In other news, MLK day is tomorrow, and I don't have anything planned. except for a volunteer shift on the crisis hotline, but I had really wanted to do something more significant to commemorate the occassion, besides sit around the house and make up alcoholic beverages named for civil rights activists, then show up to my Phone shift drunk. Classes start on Tuesday, and I can tell I'm now a true upperclassmen (or maybe just a slacker, or burnt out on school, or both) because I haven't even thought about getting books or any supplies yet. Back when I was a freshman I totally had my bag packed, textbooks and all, like a week before classes started. C'est la vie. Back to knitting my new beau a man-scarf...

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