Wednesday, May 31, 2006

home alone

My best friend roommate left today, off to sell her soul to some fancy schmancy accounting internship with a Big Four firm. While I’m really excited about getting to run around the apartment naked all the time, this means no more in-house therapist/ice cream buddy/partner in crime for at least two months. Sad day.

The fact is that sometime in the past eight years or so that we’ve been friends, Lauren has gotten to know me like no other. Through the horror that was junior high, surviving high school, moving off to the sprawling metropolis of Baton Rouge for college, getting our own place together, falling in love with boys, falling out of love with boys, getting our hearts broken, dating her older brother, and countless hours spent distracting her from her homework, we’ve developed a friendship that’s closer to sisterhood.

In high school I once punched a guy nearly three times my size because he fucked with my friend. I spent three days of hard time in in-house suspension for that, and never once thought I shouldn’t have done it.

She’s the one who “gets” me. She calls me on my bullshit, tells me why I should still be angry with people I’d be more likely to forgive, sustains date-threatening injuries in an effort to make me a bowl of soup, and understands things about me that I fear no one else ever will.

I have a lot of friends. I have several very close friends. I have one Best Friend. She’s my #1 pick.

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Maybe you're a lesbian.

Stop getting free dinners and eat some carpet. Then maybe you'll be happy!

By Blogger Winston, at Fri Jun 02, 11:36:00 AM CDT  

Well, thank you for that thoughtful suggestion, but I think I'll decline.

By Blogger Just Call Me Fabulous, at Fri Jun 02, 06:38:00 PM CDT