Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Friend Ex Roommate wanted me to title this post, "Let It Sneaux," because she's been gone from Louisiana too long and feels reminscent about our affinity for knowingly misspelling anything with an "oh" sound as "eaux" because we think it's precious.

It snowed yesterday! Like, more than I have ever seen in my life! I've never seen northern snow, just the pathetic little flurries we get so excited about when the forces of nature converge and they appear every few years. These were big, fluffy flakes that fell from the sky en masse and actually stuck to the ground. The weather had predicted a "slight possibility of light snow" in the early morning, so I'd set my alarm for 6am to check it out, but my mom called me at 5:45 exclaiming that the news said it was snowing in Baton Rouge and I had to get up and go outside to play! I flicked on the lights and forced Nicholas out of bed, then bundled up and spent the next two hours standing outside staring at the sky, leaving my post only to make more hot chocolate.

Nick had to go to work, poor thing, but Cassie and my sister came over and we stared some more and made a snowman, whom we dubbed Lieutenant Dan. Since I was fresh out of carrots, we figured any small produce would work and gave him a brussel sprout for a nose.

My sister and I with Lieutenant Dan.

Me in front of my house.

The view from my front porch.


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