Saturday, March 18, 2006

Adventures in Cuddling

Wow, haven't posted in a while. Recent developments:

I went to a Tacky Prom party last weekend, which basically means I spent an embarrassing amount of money on ridiculous clothes in an effort to still be hott despite the theme. Anyway, after consuming an inappropriate amount of cheap red wine, I met this guy. He's a walking disaster. A real bad boy, the kind of guy who just seems to find trouble no matter where he goes. He reminded me of the high-school ex-boyfriend my parents hated. Guys like that are my worst nightmare, because I meet them and all I can think about is how cute and smart and misunderstood they are, and all he really needs is a good girl to be there by his side and he'll straighten right up. I've got a penchant for picking up guys as "projects". It's a disaster, and I know it. So what did I do? I brought him home to cuddle with me. And of course, he's really sweet and intelligent and attractive, and he's never going to call me again. For God's sake, he's practically homeless. Why do I let guys like that hurt my feelings?

On a brighter note, I met another guy (yes yes, two guys in one week, I roll like a pimp), and this guy is a winner. He's tall and cute and really intelligent, and nice and responsible. We went out (and stayed in) twice in two nights, and I really hope it continues because I like him a lot. And he's not homeless.

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