Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Hate My Neighbors.

I thought it was bad when they would wake me up at night with their sex.

I would slowly open my eyes, and try to figure out why I had woken up. It always seemed as though something was just not quite right...then I would realize my ceiling was squeeking. The squeeking would continue, growing faster and louder, and then the moaning would reach a pitch loud enough to be heard right through their floor and into my room. I felt like I was overhearing a porn soundtrack.

It seemed as though it was happening often, with greater frequency and at odd times of the day. I told my roommate that I thought one of them had to be sneaking someone else over. There's no way one couple can have that much crazy sex with so much enthusiasm.

It seems as if I was right, because now they hate each other. I think he must have gotten busted, because homegirl is no longer a happy camper. She stomps around and screams and slams doors. We can hear her sitting on the front steps screaming into the phone (right outside of our living room; She's so considerate.) "Where are you?!?! Who are you with?!?!" I'm hoping they'll just break up soon and move the fuck out. My rabbit's being traumatized by all this anger in the air.

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