Wednesday, May 10, 2006

oh my god my skirt's on fire!

Tailgating before a football game last fall, I was drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette when I felt a sharp pain on my thigh. I brushed at it absentmindedly, but the sensation increased and expanded. I looked down, and to my shock and amazement, my skirt was ON FIRE. I started hitting it, but that just pushed the fire against my skin, so I turned to my friend Taylor, exclaiming, "Oh my God my skirt's on fire!" and asked her to pour her beer on it, but fortunately she realized that ALCOHOL was probably not the best thing to pour over a flame, and started beating the hell out of my leg. It stopped burning with only an inch or so sacrificed from my skirt, and I continued my tailgating, showing off my singed apparel as a testament to my hardcoreness.

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I'm rather new to your blog but it sounds as though your skirt was on fire both literally and metaphorically. Go on with your bad self!

By Blogger Winston, at Thu May 18, 01:46:00 PM CDT