Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Excerpts from I.M.

(screen names changed to protect us from stalkers)

Mandy (10:15:16 PM): i want a man
Mandy (10:15:19 PM): haha
Char (10:15:20 PM): ooooh me too
Char (10:15:25 PM): let's go buy some
Mandy (10:15:50 PM): where do they sell them?
Char (10:15:53 PM): i wish we could just pick them up at the store
Char (10:15:55 PM): that would be nice
Char (10:15:58 PM): hobby lobby
Char (10:16:03 PM): cause they sure are a hobby of mine
Mandy (10:16:11 PM): they could sell them in sections and categories
Char (10:16:28 PM): hahhaha, tall, short, smart, not so smart, funny, less funny
Char (10:16:33 PM): big dick, average dick
Char (10:16:39 PM): petite dick
Mandy (10:16:43 PM): haha assholes, too nice, cheaters
Char (10:16:43 PM): hahahahahaha
Char (10:17:11 PM): except the cheaters and assholes and petite dicks get play based solely on manipulation and misrepresentation
Char (10:17:32 PM): so if they were sold in the stores adveritsers and manufacturers would have to come up with some ploy to get us to buy them
Mandy (10:17:36 PM): yeah
Char (10:17:37 PM): maybe they'd be like the store brand
Mandy (10:17:40 PM): HAHAHAHAH
Char (10:17:42 PM): that you buy when you're broke
Mandy (10:17:46 PM): like sam's choice

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