Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Summer of Charlotte

My chest was tight and my eyes were more than a little puffy when I woke up this morning. I'm not getting sick, I've just been smoking way too much pot (can I say that on the internet?)

And I've decided sleep is vastly overrated. Go to bed early, I miss out on all the fun; sleep late, I miss class. So I've decided that for the next two months I am going to transform myself into a superhuman being, able to be sustained on minimal amounts of sleep over an extended period of time. To compensate, I'm going to give in and buy a coffee maker. Generally I abstain from coffee, as my little body just can't seem to handle it in a normal manner. If you weren't aware, I'm quite petite (only 5'0"), and I tend to SPAZ OUT on coffee. Not that it isn't an enjoyable experience, as I feel like a chihuahua on speed, but I fear that others will not be quite so charmed by my excessive enthusiasm, and that would be awkward.

But the point of this post, is that I'm feeling great lately. I'm, like, totally popular, and loving work, and taking easy, interesting classes. I always seem to be happiest when I have lots of friends around, and despite Best Friend Roommate being gone and a lot of other friends on various adventures outside of Baton Rouge, I've got no reason to feel lonely. Ironic that a few weeks ago I was whining about how much summer sucks, and now I'm proclaiming it to be the best ever.

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