Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Back to class we go. I'm already counting the days till Mardi Gras.

And of course on the first day of class it's cold and raining. I definitely wore short sleeves yesterday, and today I'm shivering in my sweatshirt.

On a brighter note, I've been dreading setting up my field observations for this semester, mostly because I think it's stupid. They've been changing certification requirements so that prospective secondary level teachers major in their subject area (good) and take less education classes (bad). To compensate, we're required to spend a total of 180 hours over three semesters "observing" in local public schools, and turning in a minimum of 1 page of notes for each hour we're there (ridiculous). We get a total of 3 hours of course credit for all that. So today I bit the bullet and started looking up schools to contact about observing. I found out that within ten minutes of my house there's an alternative middle school geared towards serving over-age youth. According to greatschools.net, most of the students are minority and low-income, which are the kind of students I would like to teach. I called and got put through to the principal, who was great. We worked out a schedule for me to come observe throughout the semester and he put me with a teacher who is nationally certified. AWESOME. I'm hoping to learn a lot from the experience. I'm a total nerd about professional development, so I'm very excited.

I had coffee with my ex the other day, and he said he thinks I go out more than he does now. Jesus. This is the guy I rarely saw come home before 4 am. Perhaps I should reconsider my plans to celebrate back to school at Mellow tonight.

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