Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy Baachus Day

Unfortunately, for probably the first time in years, I am not in New Orleans for Baachus. I was just way too exhausted after yesterday. I don't think Endymion even rolled last night, I think it got rescheduled for tonight because of some rain (wusses), but it's not like I even would have known because I a)was completely wasted and b)barely left Bourbon all day. It was glorious. Most of the day was gorgeous, and it was slightly less crowded than normal because of Katrina. In just under 14 hours, I accomplished all the mandatory tasks of Mardi Gras revelry: I ate a shrimp and oyster poboy from the Market Cafe, had beignets from Cafe du Monde, drank hand grenades from Tropical Isle, got wasted, and participated in more degrading activites than I even care to recount. It was awesome. I'm going back tomorrow for Orpheus.

I love that CNN thinks they're being subtle by juxtaposing images of areas that are still devastated with shots of Bourbon street crowds. It's a complicated issue, with valid points on both sides, but ya know what Carnival is to the people of Louisiana? Normalcy. Much needed normalcy.

I'll post some pictures of my Mardi Gras misadventures in a couple of days. Stay tuned.

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Ooh, Mardi Gras? (claps like a Special).

Can't wait!

By Blogger Lee, at Mon Feb 27, 07:45:00 AM CST