Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sticky Situation

I think I've made a mistake.

In a moment of poor judgement, I gave somebody I was moderately interested in a premature sampling of my...oral talents...and it seems he's become a bit attached.

After two dates it seems he's decided I'm a goddess and wants to be my boyfriend and sleep over every night. Great. The problem with jumping into a relationship is that I eventually have to do one of two things: fall in love or break up. The idea of either fills me with tension and angst. Once I realize that a relationship is, indeed, what I'm getting myself into, I tend to spend every waking moment obsessing over whether I've made the right decision and dreaming up disastrous scenarios of discomfort.

It's not that I don't want a relationship. I want nothing more than to find a sense of comfort, security, friendship and love with somebody. I've had that in the past, and I miss it dearly. I had someone who was my best friend and we lost it. I want nothing more than to find that again with somebody new. It's making sure it's the right guy that scares the shit out of me. The whole process is just so tedious.

All this trouble from a blow job.

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AH yes! The mighty BJ. It makes many of men weak.
Your story actually made me laugh. More power to ya! Peace out

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Feb 23, 10:54:00 PM CST