Saturday, May 20, 2006

addicted? perhaps.

So, my name is Charlotte, and I am a date-aholic.

There are a few basic reasons behind my affinity for frequent non-exclusive dating, mostly centering around the fact that I'm a)horny, b)hungry, and c)fabulously single.

I’ve mentioned my past relationship more times here than I care to admit. I worry often that the frequency of this topic's occurrence in my posts suggests that I'm less "over it" than I like to think, but I'm not in the mood to self-analyze.

I'm in no hurry to jump into another relationship--not to say that I don't want one. The idea of having one person who meets my social, emotional, and sexual needs, all in one, seems blissful. The tricky part is finding someone who actually meets my needs, not just someone who I can call my boyfriend. It's important to me to avoid arbitrarily slapping the label on the first willing candidate.

So yeah, I go on as many dates as possible, sometimes up to three in one week. I go out, I meet new people, I have fun. I get free food and the occasional sleepover if he’s lucky. What’s not to love?

Tease? No. Just classy.

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