Monday, September 18, 2006

Geaux to Hell War Eagle

This weekend marks the second time in my college career I have gone all the way to Auburn fucking Alabama to watch us lose. Laura is our (Best Friend Roommate and I) third amigo, the sugar to our coffee and cream, the charm to our trio. And she had the nerve, after spending her entire life rooting for LSU, to move off to Alabama after high school and call herself an Auburn Tiger. We forgive her because it's awfully convenient for us to have the luxury of a tour guide and free place to crash whenever we drive out there, and because we know that they suck anyway.

One of these teams has won the Western Division title in the SEC for the last five out of six years. This game was intense. Auburn is our biggest rival, and we were ranked 2 and 6 going into it, with them favored. I was worried, but now I'm pissed. We played well, really well. Take two amazing teams, factor in homefield advantage, and throw a few bad calls into the mix (or lack of calls altogether), and it seems ridiculous to come out of it saying that a game that ended 3-7 can prove either team superior.

On the other hand, we still had a great time. Laura's parents, whom I love, brought beer and boiled shrimp, and Laura cooked all kinds of delicious stuff. Her little sister was there from LSU too with some of her friends, and thus we were all one big happy mixed-allegiance family. Aside from the drive and the losing it was really a very relaxing weekend. The losing pretty much sucked though.

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