Monday, August 11, 2008

Day Three

Yesterday was a lazy day. I took another walk around a residential
area with Kathy (gotta get my exercise in), layed out by the pool in
her complex for a little while, then went to Stew Leonard's, an
apparently famous grocery store that felt like Ikea and Whole Foods
had a lovechild. At the pool I happened to meet some people who build
houses for Habitat in Slidell, my hometown. They were nice, but it was
odd to talk to people who think of the town you grew up in as a
pitiful place in desperate need of their help. They were talking about
how bad the public schools are there--the schools that I attended from
kindergarten through graduation. It was a good lesson for me to learn
as a social worker, though--when you're trying to help a community,
try not to insult its residents in the process. Anyway, I'm on the
train riding in for my first day in the city. I'm very excited!


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