Wednesday, April 05, 2006

21, alternatively titled "Happy Birthday to Me!"

Happy happy birthday to me!!!

As I've said before, I'm not nearly naive enough to believe that the thrill of turning 21 will last more than a few days, so I'm trying to fit as much drunken debauchery as I can into a short period of time. After that it's back to normal life, just with less hassle to go out. My parents TOTALLY got me a laptop and a bottle of Captain Morgan. It was awesome.

Last night when out with some friends, this freshman girl who was completely wasted wandered over to our table. She was hilariously intoxicated and obviously quickly losing control of her ability to function coherently, and thus she quickly became my new BFF. Until she puked on our table. At that point I chose to terminate our friendship, and told her friends (who were watching indifferently from a nearby table) that one of them needed to take homegirl to the bathroom, NOW. But I was in such a good mood I actually laughed when she puked, instead of gagging like I normally would, not to say that it wasn't still disgusting. Poor girl.

By the way, this blogger is the best. She's my other new BFF.

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Happy Birthday!
I think the vomit on the table would have been too much for me, but I am glad that you were able to still have a good time.

By Blogger Megan, at Wed Apr 05, 06:51:00 PM CDT  

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