Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I scheduled myself to take the GRE today. To say I work well under pressure is a bit of an understatement--I basically get nothing done until I've got a deadline breathing down my neck. With that in mind, I'm taking it next Wednesday. I'm quite a bit nervous. I've always tested well (and yes, I'm aware that that's not really an accurate measure of intelligence), but this one somehow seems more important than any other standardized test I've ever taken. The ACT and SAT for one reason or another seemed almost like they were just for fun to me. I think I was more curious as to how I would do in comparison to my friends than concerned about how the results would affect my future. I was already pretty much guaranteed admission and free tuition at LSU due to various circumstances that would be complicated to explain here, so it was really just a matter of a bunch of seventeen year olds asking each other how they scored in order to guage who's smarter than who. The social dynamics of nerdy high school kids are kind of interesting.

So anyway, the point is that it's important to me to do well on this test, because while I'm not worried about getting into the school of my choice, paying for it is another matter altogether. Grad school is fucking expensive, and I've already got a ridiculous amount of student loans. No assistantship, no school. So I'm studying my ass off for the next week in the hopes of convincing some admissions official in Georgia that I'm capable of memorizing mathematical formulas and vocabulary words under the pretense that that will somehow make me a successful social worker. I don't really see the connection, but you do what you gotta do.


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