Friday, August 11, 2006

they don't own a rebel flag, and they're not rednecks

No you can’t go out with a black boy because it’s just not what we do. This is the South, don’t you know that? This is New Orleans, but no, not New Orleans, this is the suburb all the white people ran away to when the public schools were integrated. No, you can’t go out with a black boy because what if someone saw you? Look at what you’re doing to your father; you’re slapping him in the face. Don’t you know that your grandfather still washes his hands every time he shakes hands with a black man?

It’s best if we all just stick to our own people. We’re not racist, no we’re not racist, we just don’t like black people much, unless they act like us. It’s a cultural thing, you see. No you can’t go out with a black boy because our cultures are too different. I don’t care if he wears J. Crew and sings in the choir, his skin is too fucking dark.

Don’t question it, no don’t question it. Why do you always ask so many fucking questions when I’m talking to you? Just take it; I know what I’m talking about. I’ve got life experience, and it’s better than any shit you think you’ve learned in school. There are some things in life you can’t learn from reading books, and someday you’ll understand that. You send these fucking kids off to college and they think they know everything.


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