Monday, September 25, 2006

a good thing

In TV life, dark and twisty always wins out. It's good for ratings. Soonish isn't good enough, "a good thing" just doesn't stack up to McDreamy, and no one ever really ends up happy (except for Cristina, apparently, which seems ironic). Nobody tunes into Grey's Anatomy for warm and fuzzy time. They gotta keep the heartbreak rollin.

In real life, however, soonish is an option worth pursuing. I've done dark and twisty and the butterflies that come with a challenge. I've also done the heartache that comes with failing. I've said before that assholes condition you to be easily pleased, but I had it all wrong. Assholes condition you to be an implacable bitch. Nothing is ever good enough, because nothing ever has been before. It takes courage to realize there's nothing wrong with this one.

I took a bet on soonish this time--"I think I could love you. I think you might be good for me. What the hell?"

It worked.

Because in real life, the currency isn't ratings--it's laughs, smiles, hugs and kisses. It's generosity and kindness and consideration. It's companionship and teamwork. And I think I've got it.

I took a bet on soonish this time, crossing my fingers I wouldn't break any hearts, and I made it. I'm smitten, and it's wonderful.

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