Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day Eight

I woke up at 5 this morning with Hey Jude stuck in my head and an
intense urge to vomit. Yesterday, after partaking in the breakfast
buffet, then gambling away 80 more bucks between the two of us, we
picked up the rental car and drove to Rhode Island to visit Nick's old
roommates, Ed and Jen, who now own two restaurants near the RI coast.
Although they're a bit odd, I pretty much like them, but there's
something about Ed that makes people lose all sense of moderation in
alcohol consumption. Last time this guy came to visit us, Nick avoided
his favorite bar for over a month afterwards out of embarrassment for
all the things he'd been told he'd done when Ed was in town. So
yesterday, when we arrived in the Ocean State, we met Ed at his
restaurant on the beach, and the first thing he did was offer us beer
on the house. Eight hours later, after several hours of playing
quarters with the waitstaff after closing time, we were exhausted and
getting sloppy and it was time to go. We got a ride home with Jen
while Ed stayed behind, insisting the night was still young. I realize
this post is probably disorganized and lacking elaboration, but I'm
too hung over to edit.


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