Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day Six

We got up and took the subway down to the southern tip of the island,
where we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We
didn't get off at the Statue, since there's not really much to see on
the island itself, but we spent a good amount of time at the Ellis
Island Immigration Museum, which we both loved. I actually teared up a
bit when reading about the impact social workers had on the immigrant
experience. When we got back to Battery Park, we had an hour before
our next activity and didn't want to eat got dogs or anything from a
street vendor. so we waked back into the city and found a pub that
served lunch. I got a roast beef sandwich with gravy and, guess what,
we got free dessert once again. What is it about this town and giving
us free stuff? We took another boat. this time to see the waterfalls
built around the city as an art display, then took the subway back to
our hotel to get ready for Chicago. The waterfalls cruise was nice
because we also got to see a lot of the beatiful bridges surrounding
the city, and Chicago was impossibly fabulous. Overall, it was a
pretty great day to end our stay in Manhattan.


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