Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day Five

I feel like we're getting the best of both worlds on this trip. By day
we're typical tourists, by night we get hooked up like locals. We got
up yesterday and, after making some subway errors, found our way to
the Museum of Natural History. After perusing their impressive
assortment of animal remains and human artifacts, we met Holly in the
park and she showed us around. I even got Nick to ride the carousel
with me! Last night we went to eat with Nick's cousin and his
girlfriend at the brazilian steakhouse where she works. They give you
these discs that you flip to the green side when you want to be served
more meat, and back to red when you need a break. We ate a LOT of
meat--sirloin, bacon wrapped turkey, various sausages and steaks, and,
believe it or not, chicken heart. We had fried bananas, plantains with
cinnamon, and creme brulee. Since Paula works there, they charged us
for lunch instead of dinner, and comped our drinks and desserts. We
went home stuffed, drunk, and happy.


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