Monday, June 26, 2006

my how we all have grown

There are some people out there who are going to hate me for this post, namely Best Friend Roommate.

Oh no, you say? Oh yes.

Listen closely, can you hear it? That's my maniacal laugh, reaching all the way to Atlanta.

Here you'll notice Best Friend Roommate and I, circa 1998,

and some of our closest friends from high school, sometime around 2000 I imagine.

Now have a look at us, all prettied up.

(And Jared came out, as you can see)

Yes, some of us had a few tough times there aesthetically. For me it was from roughly 1991 to 2002-ish. Eventually the planets aligned, and I was at once in possession of contact lenses, a flat iron, and some moderate amount of skill in applying makeup. Gradually I developed a more advanced set of social skills, and the painful days of awkward ineptitude were behind me.

Come on Lauren, I could have cropped myself out and left you up there all alone. At least I subjected myself to internet mockery right along with you. I'm all about sharing the pain here.


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