Thursday, August 17, 2006

go forth and save the world, and watch out for snow

I'm no good at goodbyes.

With the return of Best Friend Roommate from the glamorous world of Internal Auditing, another close friend is off to save the world through Policy Reform. I'm happy for her, ecstatic. She got a great scholarship at a highly ranked school, and she deserves it. I just can't shake this feeling of sadness.

I met her through AmeriCorps. I had two different site placements during my term of service, and we were together at both of them. She inspired me to begin volunteering at the crisis hotline, and now we're both staff. We've worked together almost every day for the past two years, at three different organizations, besides participating in a ridiculous amount of other volunteer activities together, and I've loved every minute.

She's one of my very best friends. We've seen each other laugh, cry, get ridiculously drunk, and work our asses off. We've built a friendship through serving our community together. Ten years my senior, she's something like a mentor to me. I've grown up a lot since the day we met, and she's been there to offer advice and support every step of the way. She's often told me I'm the little sister she never had. She and my real sister actually have the same name, an interesting coincidence. It's going to be very strange to not have her around anymore. She's off to a faraway place that's very cold and full of liberals. I hope she finds happiness and success, and that we're able to keep in touch.

Best Friend Roommate and I have already pretty much decided that we're boycotting goodbyes in favor of just staying in close proximity to one another. With any luck, we'll be chasing different dreams in the same state--she in Atlanta, and me in Athens. She already got her full time offer for next year, and the test I'm taking next week will decide whether I have a shot of being able to afford UGA. This future thing, it's exciting, but scary at the same time. I love my life the way it is now, and while I know that we can't stay here forever, I've just always had trouble letting go.

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