Sunday, October 08, 2006

highs and lows

It's been a crazy week.

It all almost fell apart on Wednesday, when I found out even more hurtful truths about my boyfriend's actions over the last several weeks. I didn't know what to think, I was a mess. I'm lucky in that I work in mental health, and so I have the luxury of impromptu counseling sessions if needed. So I went up to work and talked with someone I trust as a supervisor, a counselor, and a friend, and felt much calmer after that. I had three meetings scheduled for that afternoon, two of which I was running, so getting a grip as quickly as possible was absolutely necessary. I basically got through the day on caffeine and cigarettes, and when all the meetings were done a good friend was kind enough to treat me to some good mexican and a strong margarita. I'm very lucky to have such a good support network.

On a seemingly unrelated note, one of my boyfriend's fraternity brothers is an heir to the Ruth's Chris fortune, and consequently has at his disposal various rich-people luxuries, one of which is a condo on the beach. He invited us and some other friends down for the weekend, since we had Fall Break on Thursday and Friday. Our plans to go were tentative, varying based on how pissed I was at the moment, but when one of my favorite bloggers mentioned that she lived in the area and would love to get together, everything changed and I was most certainly going, philandering boyfriend or not.

This weekend was fabulous. I love few things more than the beach, my boyfriend, bloggers and beer, all rolled up into one-fabulous three-day extravaganza. Copasetic Fish is definitely just as cool in real-life as blog-life, and I had a great time. She's right. I really do consider y'all friends. Whether I've ever seen your face or not, I feel a connection with some of you that rivals many of my real-life acquaintances. Having full access to my blog grants you a level of insight into my thoughts and feelings that I'm not willing to share with many others, and even though going into that meeting I had no idea what she looks like, how old she actually is, what she does for a living, where she went to college, or even what her real name was up until a couple of days before, it wasn't weird at all. I knew much more important things, like how she reponds to heartbreak, and what kinds of things she thinks are funny, and it didn't feel awkward at all.

So all in all, the week ended well. I'm glad I'm still speaking to Nick, I'm glad I went to the beach, and I'm glad I met CF. What I'm not glad about, is that my period's late. That just cannot be good.

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