Monday, December 04, 2006

saving the homeless kids is kicking my ass

I'm sure you're all convinced by now that I've been mourning the explosive diarrhea/crippling illness/death of my beloved bunny over the last week, drowning my sorrows in cheap wine and country music while staring longingly at his empty cage. Au contraire, my friends; he was released Tuesday afternoon and is back to his normal routine of eating, pooping (cute little pellets, no more diarrhea), and chewing on things he is most certainly not supposed to chew on. They never figured out what the problem was, but it seems to be gone now, so all is well.

In related news, I'm a blogging slacker. I've been crazy busy this semester, and it seems like whenever I get a chance to rest it's all I can do just to get myself up off the couch to piss, much less invest intellectual energy into composing a thoughtful post--or comment, for that matter (man I'm a bad blogging friend). I used all my brain cells on Paradise Lost and nonprofit management.

The good news is that I'm practicing avoidance of the ten gazillion things I have on my to-do list by cranking out another post that I'll publish later on tonight. Also, the semester is almost over, thank God, and then I'll be left with just two jobs: the one that pays me and the one that doesn't. Then maybe I'll have time to shower and comment (interesting the things that get sacrificed during times of stress--cuddling is a priority for free time, showering is not).


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