Monday, October 30, 2006

my favorite part was the red lipstick

What do you get when you mix a string of pearls, fancy stockings with a backseam, a white polka dot dress, forty-seven bobby pins, and a can of orange hair spray?

I Love Lucy!

Thanks to the most dedicated Personal Assistant ever, my wonderful sister (she finally accepted the position after the fact that I was willing to pay her really sunk in), I had a costume I loved. She guided me through the entire process, from the disaster of realizing another couple was already planning to go as referees, our original costume idea, to coming up with another idea only to have me whine (after she'd purchased all the materials) that a toga is not at all becoming to me after all, to finally coming up with a great idea and even loaning me some materials out of her personal collection. Yes, she maneuvered with grace and composure the delicate sensibilities of an overworked, underpaid, reluctant socialite, desperate to fake her way into the ranks of an elite group she deep down wants nothing to do with--The TKE Girlfriends' Club.

So we were Lucy and Ricky, and it was incredibly fun. If any pictures turn up on facebook I'll be sure to put one up here. I had a few too many shots and called him Ricky all night, begging him to say, "Luuucyyy, you got some 'splainin to do!!!" And don't you ever believe it was easy getting hair that's a good six inches past my shoulders and most certainly not red up into a mass of orangy curls atop my head. Don't worry, I didn't make my sister forgo her own costume preparations in order to treat me like a diva, I did my own hair.

She's been my official Personal Assistant for a total of five days now, and so far I owe her $38. It's a solid investment for the peace of mind I've gained. I should teach her to write papers on Oscar Wilde and John Milton, my life would be sweet.


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