Monday, March 19, 2007

this is your life/the end of an era

This afternoon, I was asked to enter each and every post-secondary course I've ever taken, one by one and in sequential order, onto a computer screen. A daunting task for the sentimental at heart. So much has happened, so much has changed, over these last four years, that it seems odd to reduce it all to a list of departments and course numbers. The cold descriptions don't do it justice.

The list doesn't include people like my friend Jesse (who is so oddly interrelated with every aspect of my life at LSU it's a bit creepy), or the time I skipped a midterm to see 311 in New Orleans, or even my freshman year dorm roommate who had sex with a 16 year old (who went to a Catholic all-girls school, no less) while she thought I was sleeping. There's no mention of the three years I spent in a relationship doomed to fail, or the strength I summoned up to get over it. All the Mondays I went to class after working till dawn on the crisis hotline, or the Fridays I dragged myself to campus after 80's Night at Spanish Moon. The summer I learned to drink beer, the summer that I smoked too much pot, or the summer that I sold my soul to AmeriCorps. All the wonderful people who have come and gone, or had the good fortune to stick by my side a little while, are omitted as well. I'm not ready to leave all this behind, but I know that if I stick around too much longer, it'll all leave me soon enough.

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