Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Monday so good to me

On Friday, I went to the doctor...

"It looks like you've had a bit of weight gain. You've gained eight pounds since you were here in December."

Ouch... And then it got worse: "How much did you weigh when you started college?"

105. And, according to his scale, which I, personally, question the accuracy of, I now weigh 132. "Twenty-seven pounds over three years, I'd say that's some pretty significant weight gain," he says. I need to start working out, eating right, he says, or I'll continue gaining weight. Obesity runs in my family, but I never thought I'd hear my doctor telling me I need to lose weight at 21.

Friday wasn't one of my better days.

But today, today was a good day. Today, I got offered a phone interview with Teach for America. Later, I got an email regarding a job I'd really wanted but gave up on weeks ago since I'd never heard back from them. They want me to contact them to schedule an interview. Today, I did not go work out, but I did blow dry and straighten my hair for the first time in more than a week.

Friday sucked, but Monday was pretty damn good.

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