Thursday, December 27, 2007

Triumphant Return

Yes, it's been quite a while. Over three months, in fact, and the truth is that I haven't really been doing anything all that exciting to excuse my negligence.

Oh, I'm in grad school, of course. That's my biggest excuse. But I think a more accurate description of my absence is that I just haven't been feeling all that interesting.

Much like Copasetic Fish, I get up, I go to school/internship/work, I come home, I cook dinner, clean up the house, go to bed...wash, rinse, repeat.

I figured nobody else would find the daily exhcnages between Nick and I as hilarious as I do, or be as enthused by my choice of thesis topic as I am, or feel nearly as proud as I do that I seem to have mastered cooking red beans and rice. I've been experiencing a crisis of confidence.

But lately...lately, something strange has been happening. I'll have a thought, an idea, which I consider to be so poignant, clever, or hilarious that the urge to share it in writing is overwhelming. I wonder how I can disseminate this message to people who will appreciate it accordingly. Maybe I could include it in an email to somebody, I think, and they will believe that I spontaneously came up with such a clever thing, and from that moment on will find me impossibly fabulous. Maybe I could include it in a casual note...maybe I'll work it into my thesis...

Suddenly it came to me: I have a blog.

Blogging is essentially narcissistic, as the intended purpose is necessarily to share my wittiness with the world at large. The changes in my daily life brought about by things like graduate school, monogamy, and cohabitiation have made me no less witty and fabulous. Thus, it seems only logical that I continue to share my inner thoughts, even if the topics may have changed.

So, my friends, I'm back. And while I know I may have lost many of my readers in my absence, I'm hoping some of you will return, and maybe I'll even make some new friends.

That said, I have nothing particularly clever to say today. But I promise it will be soon.