Monday, June 30, 2008

i ignore you for months, and when i return speak only of weddings

BREAKING NEWS ALERT--Best Friend Roommate got ENGAGED! her extraordinarily-tall-for-an-Asian boyfriend of four years. And, although she now lives in Atlanta, she will be getting married in Louisiana, possibly as soon as this October (pending date availability and financial feasibility), and I am so freakin excited.

Did I mention that we are each others' Maids of Honor? How precious!

And now, moving on to my wedding. Progress achieved thus far:
  • We chose a site, a motif, and a color palette (bright pink--almost fuschia, and muted olivey green)
  • We decided on a caterer and menu*
  • We met with a florist (for details, see my flikr sets)
  • I lost nine pounds

Next on my list:

  • Not-an-engagement-party at Nick's parents' house next weekend (the idea of an engagement party began to seem pretentious, so it is a barbeque consisting of family, bridal party, and close friends to celebrate our engagement...but we don't call it an engagement party)
  • Best Friend Roommate and our other very close friend who also lives in Atlanta now (and for whom I have not yet developed an appropriate nickname) will be coming in for the party and several days after. We'll be very busy while they're in town, trying on dresses, doing cake testings (yum!), drinking wine, etc.
  • Lose 10-15 more pounds by Christmas

*Menu--chicken and sausage pastalaya (like jambalaya except with pasta instead of rice), fried catfish, bacon wrapped shrimp, crab and artichoke dip, boudin balls, mini muffalettas, steamboat round beef roast, and chocolate covered strawberries. (As a side note, almost all weddings in the south are buffet-style, as opposed to a seated dinner. People eat and party and maybe eat some more after they get drunk, and nobody really sits very much.)