Monday, February 25, 2008

how dare I

How dare I post that I got engaged and then not write for more than a month? I have officially fallen out of love with my blog. But, like any relationship, love waxes and wanes, so I'll not give up yet.

To answer your questions, he did not pick the ring out himself. It was my grandmother's engagement ring, which means a lot to me. I was named after her and we were very close. She passed away in 2004 and I know that she would love Nick and be very happy to know that I'm now wearing her ring. As to how it happened, he proposed at my favorite restaurant, where we later enjoyed a bottle of champagne, some delicious Creole food, and scrumptious cheesecake.

I'm VERY excited about marrying Nicholas. Even though we live together already, getting married symbolizes to me the beginning of our grown-up life together. The best part is that if I accidentally get knocked up it's totally okay.

We've tentatively set the date for June 27, 2009, right after I finish grad school. The date is tentative because we don't have a place yet, but I think we're starting far enough in advance that we won't have much of a problem.

On Friday the moms came to town and we spent the whole day looking at locations. I was a bit bummed out because I didn't see any place that just swept me off my feet. We're working on a pretty tight budget, which complicates things. I had no idea how much weddings cost. I had spent the past several weeks researching and contacting dozens of potential sites and had narrowed it down to eight based on cost and aesthetics, so I felt hopeless when none of those places seemed right in person. I spent Friday night feeling sorry for myself, but on Saturday got back on the internet and found a few more places to check out. I have an appointment to go see one of them on Friday and I'm feeling optimistic.

I also, finally, have some motivation to lose weight. My strategy for the past two years has been to think really hard about getting as skinny as I used to be, but I've been successful only in slowing the rate at which I gain weight. Now that I have a clearly defined reason to slim down, I'm feeling more motivated than I ever have before. Who wants to try on wedding gowns weighing twenty pounds more than she should? I signed up for tennis lessons, started drinking tons of water, and began doing my reading for school while walking on a treadmill. Of course, the hard part for me has never been getting started, but sticking to the plan, so we'll see how it goes.

I guess what's been keeping me from posting over the past several months is that I began this blog to write about my single adventures. Now all I have to write about is monogamous cohabitation, grad school, and planning a wedding. Not exactly exciting stuff for the largely single audience I developed. Sure, I think it's exciting to get a vacuum that runs by itself for Christmas, or to choose a chair for my thesis, or to be marrying someone as wonderful as Nick, but will anyone else? I'm having a crisis of coolness. Maybe it's easier to just stop writing than to have my audience leave out of boredom.