Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Nine

Four hours, three aspirin, and six tums later, we went to the beach.
The weather was perfect and the beach was beautiful, and although the
water was frigid people were swimming anyway so Nick and I got brave
and gave it a shot. It wasn't so bad. We couldn't stay long because we
had made plans to meet yet another one of his aunts for dinner and
were driving to meet her halfway between here and Boston, where she
lives. When we got back we hung out at the restaurant for a while and
then everyone started talking about going out. They said the bars
close at 1am here and it would be an early night, but I was exhausted
and didn't believe that Ed would actually come home that early, so I
stayed home and Nick went out. I was right. They took the ten minute
drive to Connecticut where the bars stay open another hour. Quick
backstory, that when Ed last visited us he and Nick got drunk and
almost bought that bar they love so much, a place called Fred's, a
Baton Rouge institution. When Nick finally came to bed at 4 am, I
asked where he'd been. "Talking to Ed," he said, "he's still talking
about buying Fred's."


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