Tuesday, May 30, 2006

back on the wagon

I woke up yesterday having shed my funk. You just can't keep a good dog down.

There are more fish in the sea than I could ever date in a lifetime, sounds like a lot of free dinner to me. Someday I'll be put back together again, and I'll be ready to give somebody new all that I have inside of me. But I don't think that time has come yet, and apparently neither do my friends, as they've so kindly informed me. For the time being, dating every guy I'm moderately attracted to provides me with entertainment and helps keep me fed (I'm living below the poverty line here, people).

Women in the South have this complex about getting married young. They self-identify through the acquisition and maintenance of a husband. Well I got shit to do first, and I'm not in any hurry.

The sun's out, I'm having a good hair day, and I've got three dates this week. It's getting better all the time.

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I like your statement about southern gals. Having loved one deeply too many years ago to admit...and since I still live here...it was cool to hear/read one of you making a statement about your collective complex(es). You are certainly complex women as are most if not all. Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever trust a southern woman again. I've been duped too many times, payed for too many dinners.
My brother who is not in the south and never has been married a Latvian woman; they met in Minnesota (not mail order bride..). He says American women, in general, are fucked and that I need to find a foreign gal to play her part. But foreign gals like money as do all gals and many times they are just after a greencard so...
I'm stuck too. Boo hoo.

By Blogger Winston, at Fri Jun 02, 11:20:00 AM CDT