Friday, June 30, 2006

Holiday Weekend

After celebrating yet another 21st birthday with friends tonight, I'll be getting up bright and early to head off to the sprawling metropolis of Slidell, having promised for a Father's Day present that I'd spend the day working on my Grandpa's house (that bitch Katrina). Then it's back to Baton Rouge to see a show at my favorite bar, and off to the beach first thing in the morning.

I'm so excited about spending Sunday and Monday in Gulf Shores. I love water, I love the beach, and I love the Whitakers (the family who has invited me along). I've been good friends with their oldest daughter since high school, and they've never been anything but undeservingly kind to me. Even when I was what could be construed as a pretty bad kid hanging around their honor roll/abstinent/don't drink/don't smoke/don't swear daughter, I felt welcome and appreciated in their home. It meant a lot to me.

So now I get to lay on the beach all day and sleep in their condo. I can see it now, self-serve margaritas all day and chicken spaghetti for dinner. Awesome.

(I'm granting myself a university holiday for Monday, I think it's sacrilegious to prevent us from leaving town by holding class on the 3rd)

For the Fourth it's back to the hometown. I'm a bit apprehensive about my first experience with my maternal grandparents' house since the rebuilding. Last time I was there I was picking my way through mud and debris in their living room. Word on the street is that they took the opportunity to make some significant changes, and change tends to freak me out a bit. But it'll be fun; I'll get to eat lots of free food and hang out with the fam.

So the point is, I'm looking forward to a much-deserved extended weekend of fun, sun, alcohol, and quality time with people I love. It's gonna be fabulous.


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