Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the deluge

The rain seems to be just falling from the sky tonight. It reminds me of another time, about a year ago, when the rain fell and fell and fell from the sky all day long in Baton Rouge. Southeast of here, in my hometown, it rained as well, and the waters just kept rising. It came from the sky, from the sea, everywhere. Bayous and canals overflowed into streets and homes. Boats and fish and mud were all left in places where they most certainly did not belong. It's scary to think about, what the town I grew up in must have looked like under that much water. There were no media crews on the Northshore documenting the floods. The pictures are only of the results--piles of splintered wood and paralyzed vessels lining the streets of South Slidell. Dark, wet houses. Terrified people. People like my parents, frightened and disoriented, shocked that "The Big One" had finally come.

We've been so far lucky this year; I'm grateful.


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