Saturday, December 16, 2006

much better

UPS actually called and apologized yesterday, assuring me that my package will, in fact, be delivered on Monday. The fridge is fixed; turns out I got an 89 on my Sociology final, although I'm still quite sure I did very badly on Brit Lit, and finals are over, which excites me to no end.

So today I decided to treat myself. I went to the Paul Mitchell School and paid twelve dollars for a fabulous haircut, then went to MAC and ended my short-lived thrifty streak by spending $74 on makeup, but I got a free application! So now my hair's been styled and my makeup's been done, but I came home and promptly changed into pajamas and settled in to watch some cheesy Christmas movies on ABC Family, so I don't look quite so glamorous as I did a few hours ago, but I sure am feeling cheery.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a very relaxing and rejuvenating month off of school. I can really focus on StandUp For Kids and taking care of myself and catching up on all the things I've been putting off for eons.


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