Thursday, December 14, 2006

worst day ever

A series of unrelated events have led to what seems to be a day that can't get much worse, at least in my somewhat sheltered little world.

Go back, way back, to last March. While scheduling my courses for the fall semester, I thought to myself, "I only have 30 hours left, I'll just take all the hard ones in the fall so that I can really relax during my last semester."

Then skip to the beginning of this semester, when I decided that I was superwoman and could do anything I wanted to and never drop the ball.

Now we're at about two weeks ago, when I logged into my energy company's third-party online payment website to pay my bill. I clicked, I payed, I left. Simple as they say.

Now Monday, I come home to a UPS slip on my door, announcing the attempted delivery of a highly anticipated package. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to commit to staying home to wait for it at all this week, I used the automated phone system to schedule it for delivery on the 18th.

So yesterday afternoon, I'm sitting in my living room, putting off studying by playing sudoku, when suddenly my power turns off. I call to report the outage and, lo and behold, they didn't receive my payment. Fuck. So I pay over the phone, they say they'll put in a request for it to be turned back on. It's still not back by 11pm, so I spend the night at Nick's.

Today, I get up, go to work, leave work, bomb my Brit Lit final, go back to work, leave work again, bomb my Sociology final, come home, no lights, fuck around looking for breakers in the dark, get my lights on, see a new fucking UPS slip on the door saying today was their final attempt at delivery and I have to go pick my package up beyond fucking Egypt, turn on my laptop, find my internet's not working, resetting the modem doesn't fix it, go to get some food, see my refrigerator still isn't working, flip the breakers some more with no luck, and finally say FUCK IT and eat some spaghettio's, since at least the microwave works.

I have made one C in my college career, and I'm completely convinced that I bombed two tests today. That, in itself, brings me close to tears.

I called UPS, got my package straightened out, called Cox, scheduled a technician to come out on Saturday, called my property management firm and had the answering service page the on-call person about my blown fuse, or whatever it is, and now I'm stealing my neighbor's wireless to bitch at the internet and play sudoku, as this is apparently my new favorite coping choice.

I think, post spaghettio's (I'm scarfing them down in intervals as I type), that I'm going to run down the street to get some cigarettes and Cherry Garcia. Nothing like cancer and animal fats to cheer me right up. And I think I may actually just go over to Nick's, even though he's at work, and wait for him to come home, because I'm just kind of disgusted with my own apartment at the moment. Nothing seems to be working for me at all right now.


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