Wednesday, July 05, 2006

will date for food

So what's been going on with me? Not much, guys, not much.

A fantastic holiday weekend, a pretty bad sunburn. Class, work, etc. It's all good.

This whole not dating thing, if you've been wondering, is a bit of an adjustment. It's a little rough, a little lonely, and I think it's good for me. Obviously, I'm having to actually keep food in my apartment now, which kind of sucks, but that's minor. I'm looking in the mirror and telling myself nice things every day, instead of relying on superficial relationships to keep me convinced that I'm attractive. Again, this is probably something I should be doing anyway.

I've had no problem filling the time, in fact I'm wondering now how I ever managed to fit in all those dates (I guess you make time for the things you want to). It's really just the male attention I miss (romantic--I get plenty of platonic male attention, sometimes from people I wish weren't platonic at all. I'd definitely much rather have a dysfunctional sexual relationship with him than a healthy friendship any day, and yes, I'm aware that that makes me a little bit crazy), and the cuddling. Yes, I think it boils down to the food and the cuddling.

What's funny to me, is that there are two guys who just don't seem to go away. They're like lost puppies I just keep feeding.


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