Tuesday, December 19, 2006

did you know budweiser sponsors free cab rides during the holidays?

Tonight was completely random.

I'm still very drunk mind you, so please ignore any typos or inconsistencies.

Nick's Christmas party for work was tonight. He works at a pizza place. First off, this girl, her name is Grace, who used to be good friends with Bryan, my ex, apparently used to work at Mellow, where Nick works. So she was at the Christmas party, but that was cool, because she's very nice, and I like her.

Then, the girl that Nick fucked while we were together, is apparently, like, best friends with some guy Nick works with now, so homeboy brought her to the party as his date, and Nick had that guy for secret santa, so, present time rolls around, and Nick turns and looks at me, and I tell him, "I'm ready, let's go." So we go up to them, and I made eye contact, and I smiled, and I was perfectly pleasant and polite for a good five minutes, at least, or as long as it took for this guy to stop fucking talking so we could walk away, because either he was oblivious to how incredibly awkward the situation was, or he was drunk, or he just didn't care, or something. So then finally it was over, and so we walked away.

And then it turns out Grace and this other girl know each other, which is even more weird, because say Nick goes to the bathroom, and I don't know too many people at this party, so I look for Grace, but she's busy talking to ho-bag over there, so I gotta fuck around near the bar and look busy so I'm not too terribly awkward and socially inept, until Nick comes back from the bathroom. Not ideal.

Then there were these lesbians. Nick knew they were lesbians because he works with one of the girls, and he knew she was gay, and the girl she was with was her girlfriend, and I said we should ask them if they wanna come home with us, because I'm totally into lesbian porn, so I'd probably be into real lesbians, then I asked him if my face was shiny, because we can't ask lesbians to come home with us if my face is shiny, I'd have to go to the bathroom and powder my face first, and he said it wasn't shiny, but we couldn't ask them to go home with us, I'm not sure why, but it was probably not a good idea in the first place, the kind of thing I'd regret in the morning when I woke up to find my bed rather crowded, so I'm glad he shot me down.

So overall, it was a good night. I had good makeup and a cute top, my only drunk dial was to Best Friend Roommate, I was the bigger person with a girl I really don't like, and I didn't ask any lesbians to come home with me.


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