Sunday, January 28, 2007

the secrets that I keep...

Copasetic Fish (WHO, by the way, is coming to VISIT ME for Mardi Gras! I'm so excited!) tagged me, so here are five things you don't know about me:

1. I grind my teeth when I sleep. I have no idea what exactly it is that I do with my jaw, I can't recreate the effect when I'm awake, but apparently it's loud enough to raise the dead.

2. I'm incredibly messy and disorganized. If it weren't for having a roommate, I'd have my crap strewn all over the apartment, and honestly, having a roommate only helps with that a little bit. My bedroom floor is covered in random crap and piles of clothes, the interior of my car is about six inches deep in papers, fast food packaging, and empty cigarette packs.

3. I have some credit card debt. I hid the card from myself and am working on paying the card off before I have to start paying student loans. I've got it down to about $1600.

4. I'm very self-conscious about my skin. I started getting acne when I was ten and struggled with it all through adolescence. I still have some problems with it, even though I think I should have outgrown it by now. I can manage it much better now than when I was younger.

5. My Christmas tree is still up, and will probably still be here for Mardi Gras. Last year, it was up through March. It seems so sad to take it down, and I'm lazy.

So, time to tag? Megan and Fisch, just to see if I can get him to post.

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