Wednesday, July 12, 2006

and I feel fine

I got a little bit of closure recently, my friends.

Someone who has owed me money for a long time finally paid me back, pretty much severing the last tangible connection between us. From here on out, there's no real reason to keep in touch.

His new girlfriend waiting in the car, he handed me the check across the threshold. Averting his eyes, he said, "Sorry it took so long."

"That's okay!" I said with a smile, and I meant it.

Closing the door, I realized I had actually smiled without telling myself to, that I was actually more happy about getting my money than sad about ending his debt to me. I realized I'd had no desire at all to say, "Where's that diamond ring you always promised me as interest? Does she know all the promises you made to me that you've broken?" (I can be very Alanis when bitter)

I pictured him standing there, in my front doorway, and I thought, "You can have him, honey."

I'm so glad he broke his promises. They would have been poison for me, and I would have drunk them right up.

This is so much better.


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