Thursday, May 31, 2007

I've been having blogging anxiety.

For some reason I think that I am only able to write well when I'm feeling angsty and existential, which probably has some truth to it. I've been feeling cheerful and satisfied lately, so I feel inadequate to put something worth reading on the internet. However, I gave myself a little pep talk this morning, reassuring myself that there are, in fact, interesting things happening in my life. Like the fact that I've begun my third attempt to knit a sweater.

Okay, maybe that's not that interesting.

I'm starting grad school at LSU in the fall. I know many of you will be disappointed that I'm staying, but I decided that it was best (or maybe just easiest) for me. I was talking to someone I know who has lived all over the world and is old enough to be my mother, if she weren't a lesbian, about the fact that I've never been able to talk myself into leaving Louisiana. She responded, "As long as you leave in your mind, that's all that really matters," which I thought to be rather insightful. Ignorance is rampant everywhere in one form or another, but if there's anyplace in need of more people who are educated and open-minded it's Louisiana. What kind of person would I be to abandon the homeland in favor of Yankee accents and Ikea?

I'm going to dinner tonight with Nick's parents and mine for the first time. I'm anticipating that it will be the most awkward two hours of my life. I'm also, hopefully, moving into a new house in a few weeks.
We found a really cool, really old house in the garden district for a good price. I put in the application and deposit yesterday, so now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that our slacker leasing agent pulls through and everything goes as planned. What's most interesting about this is that Best Friend Roommate and I will be going our separate ways and I will be moving in with Nick and my sister. This is such a huge change for me, and I'm a little bit terrified, but with change comes growth, and someday I'll be better for it.

(The picture is of our living room. It's a double shotgun house.)


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