Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Thank you everyone for all the kudos on my new house--and to Charming for that little pep talk! I'm really very glad that I decided to stay in Louisiana, and excited about starting school. As Charming said, I'm going to be studying social work, fixing the world and all that. It'll be fun.

I've gone a bit Suzy Homemaker ADD and have put down the sweater I was knitting in favor of preliminarily decorating my new house. So far I've collected more than thirty fabric swatches, drew a diagram of my furniture arrangement on graph paper(with colors!), and made up a list of plants I would like to grow in my new backyard. I get a bit excited about these kinds of things.

What I don't get excited about, at all, however, is the actual process of moving. I'm a terrible pack rat, and I've been in the same apartment for two years. I've got so much random shit it's ridiculous, and I refuse to move all of this junk. The last time I moved I actually went to the trouble of moving a TV that no longer worked, just because I hate that much to throw things away. This time, the broken TV goes. I went through and cleaned out my clothes a few months ago, so that's under control, but I'm beginning to realize that I may have a bit of a problem with, uh, crafts.

I want to make something, I buy stuff to make it; I see something random I think I could use, I stash it away for the day I'm sure it will come in handy; there's a sale on yarn at Hobby Lobby and I buy twenty skeins--then buy more when I actually get to knitting something. My love for crafts, or more accurately craft supplies is beginning to take over my life.

I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, collecting things, and giving up my collections of junk only when it becomes so intrusive that I absolutely must take action. My dining room table is covered in construction paper, acrylic paints, various cutting instruments and types of glue, batting, gauzy fabric, piles of yarn, and a collection of knitting needles in all shapes and sizes, just to get started. The small plastic chest of drawers I purchased specifically to contain the evidence of my craft fetish is no longer adequate, and no way am I moving a bunch of mess from my old place into my new one. But alas, I'm moving in a week, with work and family commitments between then and now, so I suppose I'll be haphazardly sorting things out as I toss them into a box on moving day, and maybe in my new house I can have an entire closet devoted to craft paraphernalia.


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