Wednesday, January 24, 2007

should I stay or should I go now

A new semester has begun, my last one as an undergrad. The classes will be fairly easy, a good thing considering the kind of grades I need to make up for last semester. As graduation day draws near, I've been trying to figure out what exactly it is I'll be doing six months from now.

I go back and I work at school, I learn at work...The options seem rather similar to me, except one pays me and the other I have to pay for.

There's an element of uncertainty to taking some time off before grad school. Will I get a good job with just a BA? What will I be doing, will the people be nice, will the work be meaningful to me? On the other hand, I know a lot of people who are in or who have graduated from LSU's MSW program; I know I'll get in, and I know what to expect once I get there.

But man, I am just so sick of school. Sick of racking up student loans, mostly, now that I think about it...

My love affair with Literature has been over for some time now; it's deteriorated into a marriage of convenience. I've been cheating on my major of choice with electives in sociology and communication for at least three semesters. F. Scott Fitzgerald doesn't even know that I've left him for Merton. But alas, dear Literature and I both know that it'll all be coming to an end in May, and I may as well put aside my dissatisfaction with my previous educational experience and look forward with optimism to a field of study I'm more likely to enjoy and appreciate: Social Work, also known as "Saving the World".

Today I'm feeling more like going to grad school. Tomorrow I may change my mind. My application's due in less than a month, so I better settle on one soon.

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